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If you are looking to revise your existing space, consider hiring a house painter Brighton based. With professional Brighton painting you can convert an otherwise dull space into something modern and bright.

With professional painting you can get a whole new look to your home. Our professional painters can provide you and your company with a variety of services including painting for your small home or decorating for a commercial property. You can get free quotes and free tips from our team of professional painters and decorators even if you can’t afford every tip they suggest. When you hire one of our services and professionals you want someone that will provide top of the line quality with the best customer service. You should look for affordable prices but not in exchange for customer service. You want someone with a reputation for excellence that has stood the test of time. You can determine this based on the number of repeat customers and positive reviews a company may have. With quality craftsmanship you can be guaranteed that you won’t have to return a second time to get defects repaired.


Residential painting is not as easy as people think. While the act itself may seem simple, it really takes skills to master the art of painting. An experienced painter and decorator will have an edge in the industry. They will know how to meet the preliminary painting conditions prior to getting started on your home. They will ensure they are using the correct paint, in addition to which they will know that the paint they have is suitable for the interior of your home, and that they have the skills necessary to correctly apply the paint. When you work with our team, you get all of that and more.

With everyone looking to save money it is no wonder that people want to save money by using cheaper, poorer quality paint. However, this will only require additional coats and repainting down the line. It will also diminish the entire design of your home because the paint won’t complement the furniture or flooring you have. In other words: it may seem less expensive in the short term but in the long term it won’t be and it won’t meet your expectations.

When you are planning to decorate or redecorate your home, even if it is just one room, you should consider paint before everything else. The paint can help set the theme for your new room. We can match any color you have in a key piece of art or furniture and create the same color paint for your room. We can add decorative touches to the molding or convert your existing space into a bright blue lounge conductive to relaxation, a yellow study area that enhances focus, or a post-modern interior bedroom that speaks to all things beautiful and geometric. If you want to add a brightly colored ceiling or walls to your existing space, we can help.

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Yellow Study

Yellow is a color related to the acquisition of knowledge, one which creates higher perception by stimulating mental faculties. This light hue on the color spectrum is uplifting and offers happiness and hope to anyone who should look upon it. Inspirational of original thought, highlighting physical features of a room with yellow is tantamount to cultivating an environment of creativity and practical thinking, making it an ideal color for office spaces or studies. Yellow rooms will awaken greater confidences in all who enter the sanctity of the area while simultaneously lending itself to an optimism and enthusiasm for life.


With a professional house painter Brighton based, individuals can create spaces where decisiveness and methodical thinking can take place, or, conversely, as a non-emotional color that comes from the head in lieu of the heart, a place where entertainment and intimate social gatherings take place. But in the case of studying, highlighting a room with yellow makes for the perfect study space as it helps to improve focus and recall.


The popularity of hiring a house painter to transform an otherwise mundane space into something vibrant and welcoming has roots that extend back to Vincent van Gogh, the artist who celebrated the vibrant color during his years living in the South of France. The warmth, the natural energy, and the positive feelings that arise from this color only serve to enhance the home.


The subtlety of the slim, geometric patterns is indicative of the professional expertise required to make clean lines, but also of the quiet yet powerful form taken by the color most easily recognized by the human eye. Without overwhelming the senses, the yellow study room is one which highlights the simplicity of positive thinking, the ease of relaxation and the cognitive benefits of heightened focus.


Using residential house painting and decorating services will allow you to complete all your projects to improve your home quickly. Different yellow paints are formulated for different finishes such as plaster walls or wood ceilings. Completing the prep work before hiring a contractor will significantly lower the time it takes for them to complete the new study transformation in your home space and will leave you satisfied with the final bright result as soon as possible. Whether your inspiration comes, too, from southern French countryside colors or from a solitary flower in your yard, you can work with a contractor and come to an agreement on the details of the project in a prompt and professional manner.


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Mustard Living Room

Mustard yellow is a color conducive to Napa Valley Mustard Festivals in northern California, or gourmet dining where the head chef offers duller replicas of otherwise brightly colored dishes. But mustard yellow functions today as much more than that. This burnt yellow shade is one that makes it simple for a professional home painter Brighton based to highlight accent enclaves, walls, or window frames in your home in dashing fashion. Adding this element of color is now a respectable and socially popular way to bring sophistication into any living space, kitchen, or bedroom. The dull darkness behind the burnt shade of yellow calms the otherwise overwhelming sensation that true yellow brings while simultaneously inducing happiness and cultivating enhanced creativity.


When you work with a professional, you can circumvent the myriad issues that arise from the standard DIY projects. In fact, there are many things that can go wrong if you paint your walls yourself. For example, if you use the wrong color or the wrong type of paint, you may ruin the entire project and have to start over. If you forget to start with a primer or add a second coat of paint, your finished product may not look very good. If you have never painted before, you could also leave streaks across the wall that would be very difficult to fix, or you may accidentally spill paint all over your floor or carpet.


A professional painter Brighton based already has the experience and are qualified to paint your home and make it look great. We are often certified to provide these services, which guarantees that have the right type of knowledge and experience. Our painters will come to your home to discuss your project with you. You can pick the exact color you want for your walls and let the painter know if you want any special designs or things like special wood paneling to cover a portion of the wall. We will create an estimate for the job, which details how much it will cost to complete. The bid will include the cost of the paint, unless you have decided to purchase your own paint. It is advisable to allow our painters to purchase the paint because they know what type will work best with your walls, you just need to pick the color. The bid will also include labor costs, which will be based on the size of the room or rooms you want to have painted and the difficulty level required to complete your project.

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Blue Lounge Room

If you are interested in re-designing your existing living space, turn to a professional Brighton painter. Professionals can work within your existing space to modify the color scheme so that it represents everything you are and embodies everything you want to be. For many people, this starts with the color blue.


With modern interior designs, blue has made a significant comeback. Blue is color indicative of loyalty, trust, and honesty. This sincere color can be reserved and quite in some shades, not drawing all of the attention in the room, but in other shades is exhibits a sense of confidence, one that is instilled in all who enter the sanctity of the lounge. In a modern living space, blue serves a color for direction and order, one which promotes mental and physical relaxation, making it the ideal color for any space where the goal of the environment is to offer peace and tranquility to those who rest inside of it.


This color is one that professional decorators use to reduce stress, to invoke the same sense of calm that one gets from taking a day to lie in the grass and look up at the bright, cloudless sky. The color physically slows the metabolism in the body, something that enables better health and reduced anxiety. Paler shades of blue provide a sense of heightened freedom while more vibrant and bold shades enhance communication and self-expression by allowing residents to contemplate, to devote their time in the space to family or to work. While some individuals find change to be overwhelming and frightening, changing an existing lounge space into a solid blue wall is one that works to ease the acceptance of a new reality, one that lives in the past, while still relating to the present and anticipating all that the future is going to bring.


Within modern interior design, entire walls are painted in blue, moldings and all in order to offer a classic and crisp feel, or even a mod environment. So if you are interested in working with a professional in order to complete your new home renovation and painting Brighton based, you should take some time to think over the end result you prefer in your personal space, the message you want to send to all who enter your home, and the environment you wish your walls to cultivate.


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If you work with a Brighton painter you will learn that postmodern interior styles were initiated during the end of the 1960’s in response to the design style of modernism. Beginning in America but spreading to all corners of the globe, this design trend is one that rejected the lack of embellishment utilized by modernism styles and the minimal use of materials in such a way that each room was free from restrictive design rules and was able to showcase form over function.

But what’s more, borrowing from the past, interior design spaces that capitalize on the postmodern trends are able to take from eclectic architectural and furnishing designs so as to create a comfortable space that is ideally suited for the body, mind, and soul. The use of unanticipated design materials, the incorporation of unconventional angles, and the various design styles are what bring to life the energy and excitement found in postmodern interior designs. Notable designers are best known for the craft revival and art furniture used in tandem with bold patterns and colors, all of which integrate sculptural shapes that are distinctive and expressive of the home owners. By emphasizing beautiful forms, shapes, and images, any room can be made anew.

Taking elements from both ends of the color wheel, blacks and greys are mixed with the brightest of whites to offer the embodiment of style and grace. Exuding sophistication with its sleek lines, the lack of materialism and focus on minimalism is what cultivates an environment of tranquility among the interior of any room.

Starting from the ground up, black floors offer a wonderful complement to the bold patterned whites that can be incorporated into any traditional design. Classic modernism takes from the classical designs often associated with Ancient Greece while a High Tech style is one which emphasizes structural and industrial elements in a decorative fashion. Should you prefer it, a professional decorator can incorporate Deconstructivism, a style that emphasizes design and form without adhering to traditional rules of structure. Other options include Memphis style, a design which promotes the freedom of color expression.

No matter the style, furniture will play a key role standing out in a functional way while simultaneously adding interest to the room through the use of color, shape, or theme. Bold pieces complement interesting angles within a room so as to offer an element of art into the unique and functional space.

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Room Colours

Bold ceiling or wall colors are a wonderful way to establish the tone of any room and draw the eye to a key focal point therein. But selecting the right color and type of paint is a crucial component to any decorating and with the help of a house painter Brighton based, you can find a color that best enhances your home.

You can easily redo the look of your home with the perfect color. In lieu of replacing all of your furniture or knocking out a wall to build an extension you might consider first a new coat of paint. A new paint color can help turn an otherwise bland room around. If your existing paint color on the inside or outside of your home or commercial property building has faded with time it may be time to get a new one. Homeowners can rely on our professionals to pick the most suitable replacement paint.
There are three types of paints we can use on your home. The least expensive does not contain much binding agent. It compensates with a strong dye color. This is best used when you are painting over a previously painted area. But since it has strong dye, you have to be careful that even a little bump against the painted area will take off the paint because of the small amount of binding agent. This paint is best used on newly plastered surfaces or ceilings, or to cover a loud existing color in preparation for a vinyl coat.
The vinyl paint is best used on ceilings and on large walls. It is incredibly popular because of its finish. The only downside to this type of paint is that it cannot be used on wood surfaces or metal surfaces. If you are painting on metal or wood surfaces in your home then you may consider oil paint. While oil paint does have a stronger odor than other paints and takes longer to dry it is best suited for these two surfaces. Of course oil paint alone will not be enough to cover your surface. Our professional painters will need to apply several coats before the desired look can be achieved. Lastly you might opt for a gloss paint which is a great top coat for wood or metal surfaces. It is more expensive than other types of paint but it offers the best shine and is resilient against bumps.
No matter what you choose, our professional painters can work with you to find the perfect color scheme and motif to enhance your existing space and draw the eye to your sophisticated or fun themes.
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Colour Wheel

There are many colors on the color wheel, and each colour brings with it an array of light or dark tints, special characteristics, feelings, and more. It is for this reason that many home owners stick to white or neutral colors. But when you work with a professional house painter you can rest assured that the Brighton painting palette you have at your disposal will not leave you dissatisfied. There is no need to be stuck with neutrals throughout your home when you can invest in a beautiful yet toned-down color that is inviting and warm or bold and sultry.

With professional house painting it is important to have a wide array of colors available to you. There is nothing to be gained by sticking to colors that are safe or comfortable. Instead, personalities can be brought to the forefront, themes and motifs can be enhanced all with bright or bold colors, the combination of complementary tones, and much more.

Our selection of modern paints will improve the aesthetic appeal of your space while protecting against damage. Modern paints can be specially made to match any existing feature piece or furniture in your home. We can formulate new paints that perfectly match existing colors or a faded color in your home. If you find an inspirational piece of artwork or a souvenir from a recent trip, colors can be taken directly from it and converted into a bold and satisfying color for your home. Our professional painting services will protect against fading, mold, chipping, and more.

No matter the color you prefer, the modern paints we use can be found in low or no VOC—or volatile organic compounds. This ensures that the color you choose is better for the environment and lacks an offensive odor during application. Should you prefer a smoother or flatter paint surface, our team can add inexpensive chemicals to alter the physical characteristics of the paint to ensure they meet with your stylistic preferences.

When you work with a team of professionals you not only have a plethora of colors from which to choose, but you need not worry about differentiating between paint types, primers, or what surface requires which paint. We know that with paint too thick, it results in flaking or that wood requires a primer. We can help you pick out the best top coat so that your surfaces are all sealed to perfection. Our services make painting your home simplistic.

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